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Sara Astruc is featured on Channel Four's SpyTV for a half-hour show on voyeurism and the web.

In The Village Voice's offshoot, The Long Island Voice, writer Maura Johnston notes in her article,
The Second Hex:

"When looking for 'women's content' online... there are some treasures within the recesses of the ether-- ones that allow glimpses into lives that haven't been heavily retouched by editors," and lists Sara Astruc's as one such site.

Long Island Voice

Sara Astruc's short story "Dov" wins an Honorable Mention in Salon's
The Well's Online Writing Contest.

The Well

Sara Astruc was featured in a
front-page article in the
Philadelphia Inquirer on
writers and artists who
"bare their souls" on the 'net.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The December 9, 1997 edition of the
Australian Financial Review's
Clickstreams Column asks:

"Are you on this List?"

The Australian Financial Review

Sara Astruc was interviewed in
Glamour Magazine's Swoon site.

Conde Nast's Swoon 

Sara Astruc's site is Gannett Newspapers'
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